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Family House Board, staff and guests extend our appreciation to our many donors. The following list represents cash donations to the Operating Fund of Family House from July 2010 through March 2011.

In Memory of:

Fred Bodke … Steve & Kettie Sprenger
Ronald Bonati … Mrs. Christine Bollwinkle
Florence Clough … Mr. Carl Clough
Jan Cortez … Mrs. Ann Salzenstein-Dhority
Ron Davis … Mark & Judy Friedman and Mr. & Mrs. David Metcalf
Paul Griebel … Mrs. Elizabeth Griebel
Ray Gross … Ms. Carol Gross
Con Iber … Ron & Lois Litterst
Tim Junis … Ms. Judith Junis
Jackie Klaus … Ron & Lois Litterst and Bill & Dinah Mannlein
Wayne Kelly … Mrs. Nelda Kelly
Dr. Peter E. Lawless … Philip & Nancy Lawless
William Maibach … Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maibach
Vicki McCord … Michael & Linda Kepple, Lee & Stephanie Norsted,
    and Mr. John Pearl
Myrtle Murphy … Ms. Cheryl Erinc
Evelynne Neighbour … Mrs. Karan Kaluzynski
Carla Palombi … Ms. Barbara Griffith
Gordon Peters … Ron & Lois Litterst
Bettie Lou Rigg … Mrs. Jack Phillips
Roy Rickets … Ron & Lois Litterst
Patsy Rubin … Mr. Bernard Rubin
David Semlow … Ms. Sally Semlow
Pauline Taylor … Ms. Jean Bruinsma, Ms. Doris Shepherd,
    and Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Taylor
Jim Thomas … Mrs. Peg Thomas
Robert & Audie Whitney … Ms. Janet Huelster
Danny Zook … Mrs. Jackie Zook

In Honor of:

Juanita Slane … Ms. Barbara Griffith
Family House Staff … Mrs. Candace Arnold
Dan & Rose … Karl & Paula Koy
John & Amy Kelly … Ms. Julia Kelly
Peggy Murphy … Mrs. Barb Griffith, Mick & Nancy Lacy,
    and Charles & Kim Sanders
Michael Sulin … Robert & Kathryn Sulin

Other Contributions:

Dr. and Mrs. William Albers
Mr. and Mrs. David Allan
Ameren Illinois
Ms. Mildred Anderson
Ms. Candace Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bates
Mr. Kenny and Jody Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baylor
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Been
Mr. and Mrs. Bille Beeney
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Berjohn
Beta Alpha Chapter
Mr. Daniell Beutel
Ms. Janice Blagg
Mrs. Rosetta Blomeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Boerke
Dr. Rida Boulos
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Brand
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Brody
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Bugaieski
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Burdick
Mrs. Jeanne Buysee
Mrs. Lisa Caho
Ms. Susan Canty
Mr. and Mrs. James Caragher
Mr. Jon Carls
Dr. Umesh Chatrath
Mr. Philip Clark
Mrs. Joni Coe
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Collier
Congenital Heart Staff
Dr. David Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis
Mrs. Suzanne Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Day
Mrs. Andrea Dean
Dr. and Mrs. Alan DeBord
Mrs. Betty DeBord
Mr. Byron DeHaan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dewey
Mr. Peter Donis
Mrs. Jo Doubet
Ms. Lynn Dunaway
Mr. and Mrs. T. Shawn Earle
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ebeling
Ms. Lynne Eckhart
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Elsasser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fahey
Mr. and Mrs. James Fawley
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Fenton
Mrs. Bonnie J. Fenton
Mr. Stephen Ferri
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fishman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fluga
Ms. Lorraine Frederick
Ms. Ella Gable
Dr. John P. Galbreath
Ms. Drew Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Getz
Mrs. Martha Geibelhausen
Gems of The Prairie Quilters
Ms. Emily Gill
Mr. Robert Gilmore
Dr. and Mrs. David Gorenz
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Graff
Mrs. Marjorie Gramm
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grimsley
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Groff
Mrs. Carol Gross
Mrs. Lori Gudat
Mrs. Violet Haage
Mr. John Haage
Ms. Diana Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Harms
Ms. Doris Harney
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Heine
Mr. Emil Henrich
Ms. Susan Herring
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hertenstein
Mr. John Hession
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hodel
Mrs. Sally Hojczyk
Mrs. Lynn Howarth
Ms. Elaine Hullinger
Mr. and Mrs. Sharad Jain
Ms. Carolyn Jakopin
Ms. Ruth Jass
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jensen
John Deere & Company
Mrs. Jane Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Les Johnson
Ms. Chelsie Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Johnson
Ms. Denise Joos
Ms. Norma Just
Mrs. Janet Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kellogg
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kieser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klings
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Klokkenga
Dr. and Mrs. James Knost
Mrs. Sue Ann Kortkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koscielski
Mrs. Paula Koy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kutter Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Link
Mrs. Dorothy Lockhart
Ms. Bev Long
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Lorenz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lotz
Dr. Richard C. Luetkemeyer
Mrs. Nancy Ann Masi
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mathes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McAsey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McSherry
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mendl
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Menold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. William Miles III
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Millar
Mrs. Gloria Miller
Mrs. Betty Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ossie Moorehead
Mrs. Jan R. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muhlstadt
Ms. Barbara Mulkey
Ms. Mary Beth Nebel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Nelson
Frances O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill O’Malley
Ms. Linda Osika
Mrs. Dorothy Paesani
Dr. and Mrs. George Palagallo
Ms. Marilyn Palm
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. David Parkinson
Ms. Roberta Parks
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Paulsen
Ms. Betty Jane Perry
Mr. and Mrs. T. Peterson
Phi Gamma Delta
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Pille
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Pinson
Ms. Marie-Christine Pinter
Mr. Thomas Power
Mr. and Mrs. William Prebil
Mr. and Mrs. Maximilian Prusak
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Rabjohns
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Radosevich
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Ragland
Ms. Christiane Ramahi
Mr. John Rennick
Mr. and Mrs. John Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ritschel
Ms. Kathy Rosenbohm
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rous
Mr. and Mrs. David Rouzer
Mrs. Tina Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ruddell
Ms. Ann Ruggles
Mr. and Mrs. David Sager
Mrs. Mary Scarpiniti
Mr. and Mrs. George Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scheirer
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Schrader
Mrs. Elaine Shadix
Dr. and Mrs. K.G. Shah
Dr. Mohammed Shariff
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Shaw
Dr. and Mrs. William Shipley
Dr. David Slagle
Mrs. Layla Slater
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Slone
Mrs. Brenda K. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith
Mrs. Florence Smorkol
Ms. Rhonda Soendlin
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Spitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stevenson
Ms. Georgia Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Streitmatter
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Strickfaden
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Strickfaden
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sudow
Mr. and Mrs. James Svymbersky
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Swager
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Taber
Ms Holly Teig
Ms. Jill Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Triebel
Mrs. Lisa Ullenius
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ullman
Mrs. Phyllis Unruh
Mrs. Dolores Wahl
Mr. and Mrs. David Walvoord
Mrs. Lois Ward
Mrs. Jean Watts
Ms. Jewel Weachter
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weldy
Mr. Robert Wendle
Mr. Lee Wenger
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wessels
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wetzel
Mrs. Jacqueline White
Mrs. Joyce Whitney
Drs. Kent and Joyce Wise
Mrs. Margaret Withrow
Ms. Ann Wozniak
Ms. Stella Wu
Yates City Faith United Presbyterian
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Zadoks
Drs. Christopher and Sarah Zallek
Mr. Al Ziegler

In Kind Donations:

Alpha Delta Kappa
Esther’s Circle of Salem Lutheran Church
Peoria First United Methodist Church (Cookie Ladies)

National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses
Member of National Association
of Hospital Hospitality Houses

“Fortunately, we already knew about Family House since Paul had stayed here a couple of years ago. Family House has been wonderful, very homey and that really helps. We just can’t imagine where we’d be without Family House — the expense of hotels and meals would add up in a hurry.”
Paul & Shelley Slack
Ottawa, Ill.