Family House
A Hospital Hospitality House
1339 E. Nebraska Avenue, Peoria, IL 61603
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When someone you love
is hospitalized,

where will you stay?
Family House is a home away from home for patients’ families.
Having a loved one in the hospital is hard enough. Being away from home can make it even harder. Family House offers a home away from home for the families of patients receiving medical treatment in Peoria, Illinois.

In addition to providing lodging, meals and other supportive services, Family House strives to provide comfort, hope, support and love. Guests of Family House enjoy quiet private rooms and inviting communal kitchens and living areas. And our trained staff and volunteers are available 24 hours a day — always helping you to feel more at home.

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Family House
30th Anniversary Celebration
“Diamonds and Pearls”

June 25, 2015 at The Waterhouse
Live Music • Silent Auction • and more!

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We thank the following Adopt-A-Day sponsors for their support.

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17th – Brian & Layla Slater in honor of Abigail Slater’s 12th birthday
27th – Kathleen Hart in memory of Peggy Hart

25th – Mrs. Michele Straughn & Mr. & Mrs. Jamie & Debbie Vance in honor of Lucas Straughn

17th – Tom & Debbie Stevenson in memory of Matt Stevenson

From a dream to a beautiful, new “home away from home.”

We’ve been in our new house for one year now! Since our move, we’ve had the pleasure of serving many new families. Our new house is often a full house. Read more of our story and what our guests have to say.

All of this has been made possible because of many generous donors. And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! But our job of reaching our to families of patients is never ending. Find out how you can help.