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What our guests say:

For some families, one visit to Family House is not enough. When Ashleigh Bennett had her first heart surgery, she was only nine days old. She has returned for other life-saving procedures over the years, most recently to treat a rare intestinal disorder. Each time, mom, dad, grandma and others stayed at Family House.

“There’s no way we could have driven back and forth each day,” says Jennifer Bennett, Ashleigh’s mom. “And we simply could not have afforded a hotel for four weeks. Family House and the hospital shuttle were such a blessing. It meant that we could always be there to give each other a break. We never left Ashleigh’s side.” Robert & Jennifer Bennett, Ottawa, Ill.

“I am really passionate about how important Family House is to these families and the medical community. I always ask them where they plan to stay, and there’s such relief to find they won’t have to spend $100 a night on a hotel room. It’s close and affordable, especially for very young families who don’t have an extra dime.” Gail Eaton, RN, Executive Director Children’s Heart Institute

“Oh, how can I tell you how wonderful it’s been to come home to Family House at the end of the day? All the staff have been so helpful. When I’ve had a bad day and the tears are on edge, they’re always there, like a wonderful family. ” Doris Courchene, Dwight, Ill.

“The Family House is a haven for broken hearts. I really believe angels live here. I was amazed in the beauty of the whole house, but your staff exceeds all expectations. Their love, warmth and caring surrounded us.” M.N. & V.B.

“This place was a life saver for our family. A motel would have been so much more stressful. Here we were able to be together in a family setting. Thank you so much for being here for us all.” J.C.

“What a wonderful house & staff you all are. Everything from the low-cost, the warm sympathetic staff, and the home-like atmosphere were more than anyone could expect under such trying circumstances.” J.J.

Sisters Joanna, 21, and Jennifer, 26, were enjoying some “sister time” when they were injured in an auto accident. Their parents and brother traveled from Florida and Georgia to be with them while recovering from serious injuries.

“We are so thankful to be blessed by the accommodations at Family House. Everything has been great: the people, the shuttle, the laundry facilities — and it’s wonderful to have coffee every morning!” Riggens Family

Some of our families’ stories:

Doris loves to cook. It’s the way she relaxes … the way she shares. The first floor kitchen at Family House became the Los Angeles mother’s refuge. When Doris’ son needed a heart transplant, Family House gave her a sense of normalcy … and the chance to cook up her famous fried green tomatoes!

Arthur stayed at Family House for nearly a year when his wife of 44 years was hospitalized. In that time he made new friends as other guests arrived. “Coming back at night was really fun during the Bulls’ play-off games; there’d always be a crowd gathered around the TV. It’s so nice to have Family House to come home to.”

Little Molly and here parents were guests while waiting for newborn brother to be well enough to come home. “There are three other families with premature infants staying here,” says Dad. “It’s coomunity of trust in the truest sense — people to laugh and cry with you.”